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Libor market model thesis

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Pricing Methods in a LIBOR Market Model with Stochastic Volatility

Libor market model thesis

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book source essay Research Paper: Two words that strike fear into market model, the hearts of many students. Four syllables that create panic, dread, and anxiety. Tomosynthesis Tool! But they don’t have to. Libor Market Model Thesis! Writing a research paper takes time and requires effort, but if you have a good topic and credible sources, you’re on your way to breast screening a great paper. Wait…what? Credible sources? Are you thinking, “What’s the difference? Isn’t one source just as good as another?” No. Not all sources are created equal.

Think about it. If you want to learn about the libor market model thesis current texting and driving laws, would you rather learn about the laws by cancer tool, reading some random guy’s blog who does nothing but rant about the law because he just got a ticket for texting and driving, or would you rather research the law by reading a .gov (government) website? I think we’d both pick the libor market thesis .gov site. But .gov sites aren’t the only place to find online credible resources. Essays! Keep reading to learn the 5 best resources to help with writing a research paper. Why You Should Use Credible Sources When Writing a Research Paper. A research paper is like a jury trial. If you’re an attorney trying to convince the jury your client is innocent, you need hard evidence.

Try convincing a jury that your client is innocent by telling them he wasn’t at the crime scene, and market thesis, you can prove it because his best friend said he wasn’t there. It isn’t going to work. Now try convincing the jury that your client is innocent because he was out of town when the crime happened. Essay My Favorite! You have a hotel receipt, plane tickets, and market, video evidence that he was nowhere near the area at the time of the crime. This is much more credible and convincing evidence. When you’re writing a research paper, your arguments are on trial. Your job is to convince your readers and demonstrate your knowledge of the subject.

To do this, you need credible sources written by credible authors such as doctors, researchers, and scholars. You don’t want to use questionable articles written by tomosynthesis a breast screening, the girl who works at the pizza joint down the street or by your best friend’s cousin’s uncle who says he knows a lot about whatever you’re writing about. Let’s talk about some other sources that won’t help you make your point. The Dictionary: Don’t start your paper with something like, “According to the dictionary, crazy means mentally deranged.” Readers already know what crazy means. There’s no need to define it. If you’re using complex terms that readers might not be familiar with, it’s fine to define words, but use a more specialized definition from a journal or other credible source. Libor Market Model Thesis! A dictionary is great for looking up the meanings of words, but your professors won’t consider the dictionary a scholarly source, so it’s best to avoid using it as a source in your research essays. is a fine website. In Computer Networks! It has lots of useful information like fresh ideas to decorate your bathroom, the best new hairstyles, and 10 places to libor market model see before you die. While reading about this stuff can be fun, it’s not relevant information for a research paper. These articles are written by people who are passionate about their subject, but the writers aren’t necessarily experts . Wikipedia is a fine website, too.

It has lots of cool information about lots of cool topics. The problem with Wikipedia (and other Wikis) is that anyone can write them. You could create a Wiki about how Steven Spielberg was the breast a breast cancer first president of the model thesis United States. Someone else could read your Wiki online and write a research paper about Spielberg as president. Breast! You could fall victim to this too, and write a research paper using incorrect information. Did you know that at one point, Wikipedia listed the libor model thesis soccer star David Beckham as an 18th century Chinese goalkeeper? Imagine writing that in essay my favorite room your paper! I don’t think you’d earn the “A” you were hoping for. Because you can’t be sure that the information is accurate, it’s best to stay away from Wikipedia. But if you shouldn’t use the websites I’ve just listed, what resources should you use? Keep reading to libor market model thesis find out!

5 Best Resources to Help with Writing a Research Paper. 1. Your School’s Library: This is the best place to begin your research. The library at your school is an academic library, meaning you’ll find more academic books, journals, and scholarly sources than you will novels and magazines. Breast Tomosynthesis! One of the best things about researching at your school’s online library is libor market thesis that if you don’t want to in jungle essay leave the comfort of your living room or your dorm room to research, you don’t have to. As long as you have your library card, you can login and thesis, access tons of great resources, such as online databases, e-books, and other research articles.

Don’t tell me you forgot to sign up for your library card! Don’t tell me your paper is due tonight and there’s no time to get a library card now! Okay, take a deep breath. Don’t panic. There’s still hope. Even if you don’t have immediate access to your school’s library, I’ve included four other useful resources that are free and don’t require a library card. 2. Google Scholar is a lot like the Google search engine you’re probably used to.

You simply type in r.l.baker+phd what you’re looking for, and you’ll see a list of results. The difference with Google Scholar is that your list of results won’t contain websites trying to sell you a cell phone or articles about how to dress your dog for the holidays. Google Scholar will produce a list of journal articles, .pdfs, and websites focusing on much more credible and market model thesis, scholarly sources appropriate for a research paper. (You know, stuff you can actually use!) 3. R.l.baker+phd! RefSeek This resource is a search engine designed for libor, students and researchers. It searches online sources but produces more scholarly sites than a standard search engine, such as Google. One of the great features of RefSeek is that it allows you to search specifically for documents, giving you a better chance of finding credible information to help write your research paper. 4. Internet Public Library (ipl2) This resource allows you to in computer networks search by subject. It links to websites, rather than scholarly journals; however, it often links to more credible .gov or .org sites (although you may encounter a few broken links.) You can also use the handy “Ask an ipl2 Librarian” service. If you aren’t in a rush, you can submit a question to the site’s volunteer librarians, and a professional librarian or grad student will be in libor model thesis touch to help you find the best resources for your topic.

The site says, “Once we have accepted your question, we do our best to answer it promptly. Essay My Favorite Room! You will receive an answer from libor, us within one week. If you indicate you need a response more quickly, we will try to answer it by that date. “ipl2 is my favorite not a good place to libor market model come if you need help right away. We are not a ‘real-time’ service, and it takes us time to read, research, and plan, respond to questions.” Read more here. 5. ERIC (Education Resources Information Center): This database primarily focuses on education, but it also includes a number of related topics, such as social work, psychology, and other social issues.

A search will provide a list of journal articles (most full-text). If you’re searching for thesis, sources in for business plan most basic search engines, such as Google Scholar, you usually just type in your keywords and read a list of market model thesis results. Databases, though, are a bit different. They include the topics standard search box, but they also include a variety of other options to help narrow your results. Because the libor market searching can be more complex, I’ve included information below to help you get started.

Here’s a quick tutorial to help you begin searching on ERIC. Adventure In Jungle! Step 1: Type in your keywords. In this example, I’ve chosen guns on market model, college campuses. Phd Thesis! Make sure you check the model box to phd thesis in computer show only those results available in full text. Searching for libor thesis, full text articles means you’ll be able to read the entire article immediately. You won’t have to worry about networks tracking it down at some library across the market model thesis country, and art museum essays, you won’t have to pay $19.99 to libor thesis purchase an for business, article you don’t even know if you want to libor model thesis use yet! Step 2: Review the search results. If you are looking for articles written during a specific time frame, check out the in jungle essay left column (Publication Date).

If you want to read a summary (also known as an abstract) click on the title of the market article. (Article titles are hyperlinked in blue in the middle of the screen.) If you want to read the article immediately, click on the full text option at the right of your screen. (Articles are usually provided in essays .pdf format.) As you can see, there’s no reason to be panic-stricken about writing a research paper. Use the resources in this post to help you find the most credible and useful sources, and libor market model, you’ll be on your way to writing an amazing paper. Once you find the perfect sources, you’ll still need to actually write the paper, so review Writing a Library-Based Research Paper and breast tomosynthesis a breast, Research Paper Steps for help with putting together your essay. Have you finished writing a research paper, but still need someone to review it? Contact our Kibin editors for help! Psst.

98% of Kibin users report better grades! Get inspiration from over model thesis 500,000 example essays. Plan! About the Author. Susan M. Inez is a professor of English and writing goddess based out of the Northeast. I found this tips for the research paper really helpful! Where I can find more information about different writing styles? Thanks. Hi) You can visit blogs and market model, forums for r.l.baker+phd, students, also visit a pro-papers. Libor! com website. They post a lot of information on academic writing) Thank you, it`s great!

Thanks for the comment! Glad to hear it was helpful.

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Coca Cola Management Strategy Commerce Essay. Published: 23, March 2015. The advent of Cola wars has drastically changed the entire scenario of this soft drink industry. Libor? There are different giants playing in this industry and Coca Cola is amongst them. The fierce competitors Pepsi and certain other brands are trying their level best to change the scenario of this industry by eating up market shares but Coca Cola's management strategy is so updated and relevant that they are ahead of their competition. Originating from just one brand 125 years go the strategy of networks Coca Cola has strengthened so much that they have launched more than 500 brands.

The company originated from selling 9 odd drinks in a day in 1886 to 1.8 billion a day in the current era. Libor Market Model Thesis? The company has grown at an enormous pace and starting from just a single city to expanding its operations to more than 200 countries of the about my favorite world (Coca Cola. 2012). The product actually initiated from a pharmacy and gained so much success after a certain period of time that it is regarded as one of the biggest brand of the world. New brands were added by this organization in model thesis, their company product line and after a certain period of time most of the topics for business plan brands flourished with time (Coca Cola, 2012).

But Coke is considered as one of the thesis biggest brand and flourished at an enormous pace. The brand has grown in r.l.baker+phd thesis, such a way that a new terminology of Cola drinks actually came into existence because of this. Catering to the needs of the libor market customer is the biggest success secret of this brand. They know what the customer is actually asking for for business and they provide the customer that in such a way that the needs are properly satisfied with it. The history of the model organization is quite rich and they have travelled their way facing several leaps and bounds. Coca-Cola has the greatest appreciated product name globally and, as one of the greatest noticeable organizations globally, it has great prospect to networks outshine in every scope of corporate performance (Ferrell, Ferrell, Fraedrich, 2011, p. 308). The organization though has been confronted by many ethical problems in respect with their shareholders. Uncertain about the libor market thesis company's widespread contributions to the society and educational aspects, numerous shareholders are losing faith in the 100 year old organization.

or your money back. using our Essay Writing Service! Essay Writing Service. Every research has certain limitations and the introduction depicts that the core research would focus on the strategy management process of phd thesis in computer Coca Cola and discusses the scenario that are utilized by the organization. The limitations of research are initiated by the usage of secondary sources in model, the research. The information are taken from art museum these sources and it cannot be properly commented that the market thesis information presented in these sources are hundred percent right. Moreover, another limitation of this research is that this research should solely be utilized for academic purposes and it should not be used for the decision making process for organizational purpose. In the similar manner it should be noted that this research is prepared by an individual and all rights are reserved. Reviewing the strategic planning process that keep this organization competitive in this industry are several factors that are associated with this organization.

The biggest aspect is the fact the formation of a well established mission and vision. In the similar manner one can easily say that all the a breast cancer screening tool strategic decision taken by the management are aligned with the vision and mission of the organization (Hill Jones, 2012). The objectives are designed so professionally that they are achieved within the stipulated deadline in such a way that they organization achieves success in both the short and market thesis, the long run. The mission of the organization revolves around the scenario that they should refresh the world in body, mind and spirit. In the a breast screening tool similar manner their objectives focus on the scenario that they should create a difference in thesis, everywhere they engage (Sevenson, 2001).

The values of this organization are based on leadership, diversity, passion, integrity, collaboration, quality etc. Strategists and decision makers usually claim that the phd thesis in computer networks global strategy of this organization is so enormous and gigantic because of the effective decision makers in the organization. Their strategy is up to libor the mark because the organization is responsive internally and externally. The achieve success in every form because they are aware about the culture of adventure in jungle their organization and they generate an atmosphere in their organization which results in libor market thesis, a win-win situation (Hill Jones, 2012). The collaboration of all the art museum essays stakeholders that are internal and libor, external generates and great fusion for Coca Cola and that is the in computer networks reason why it is regarded as the brand with the highest level of brand equity. The competition in the soft drink industry is quite fierce because of libor two giant brands which are Coke and Pepsi (Dana 1999). The competition between these two brands is termed as the Cola Wars. Coca Cola is considered to breast tomosynthesis a breast cancer screening tool be the leader of this industry and Pepsi is usually criticized by the marketing strategists as the brand that utilizes the imitating strategy. The current scenario is model, so confusing for both the brands because in essay about my favorite, order to attack the market leader Pepsi should have a distinctive plan or a sustainable competitive advantage (Mazze Michman, 1998).

The strategies with respect to target market and introduction of a sub brand in thesis, the market of r.l.baker+phd thesis both the market organizations are relatively the same because both the organizations are striving hard to topics for business plan capture the market share so that they can become the leaders in the Cola industry. Pepsi's market share in Asia is much more than Coke however, besides Asia Coke captures the entire world and this strategy of Coke has taken Pepsi by a storm. The Cola are virtually fought in libor market, nearly every country of the world and organization with an effective strategy wins the race (Boutzikas 2000). Each brand is fighting the battle with different brands and both possess several non-alcoholic brands to get a share in customer's stomach. Since the competition is becoming more and more dynamic with the advent of art museum essays time and that is the libor market thesis reason why the arena is become much fuzzier and because of this reason the rivals are much difficult to a breast cancer screening identify and anticipate (Day Reibstein, 2004).

Marked to Standard. Organizations usually learn from their past mistakes and that is the reason why they develop a learning habit to face any external and internal issues (Vrontis, 2003). Libor Market? Coke made a marketing research blunder which dipped the competitive graph of adventure their brand and they were sinking in libor market, the competitive battle with other brands. Coke, due to blind tests changed the taste of the Coke and developed a formula to make it sweeter. This strategy backfired quiet badly and people started to dislike the name new coke and after a certain period of r.l.baker+phd time they started to market thesis dislike the taste too. About $ 4 billion were spent on this campaign and it came out to thesis be a blunder for the company (Axson, 2011) The current objectives of this organization are to use the model thesis formidable assets of the company that is their brands to in computer its full potential and attain a sustainable competitive advantage through globally reaching the maximum customers. There are several different strategies that are opted by Coca Cola to attain sustainable growth. For analyzing the effectiveness of employed business strategies by the management at libor model thesis Coca Cola Company, critical analysis of current market status of the company has been discussed subsequently.

SWOT Analysis of Coca Cola Company. For strategic evaluation of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats which any organization, project, or a business venture comes up with, SWOT Analysis is commonly used. Primary aim behind the conduction of SWOT Analysis is to exhaustively identify what internal as well as external factors are favorably or unfavorably influencing the growth and development of any business (Champman, 2007). Phd Thesis? In this section, Coca Cola is the undertaken company for market the description and evaluation of SWOT. Globally, the Coca Cola Company has following key aspects as its business strengths: The brand image and equity allied with the company is internationally recognized. The brands and products of the company are strategically distributed all over the world by in jungle essay means of strong and efficient distribution network.

The overall financial performance of the libor market model company is about room, relatively higher than its competitors. Coke is globally recognized, acknowledged as well as the libor market most preferred brand for plan soft-drink lovers. The product-line associated with the company's brand is extensively diversified. Strong and reliable corporate identity. Continues innovation and libor, improvisation in business plans and r.l.baker+phd thesis, strategies. Coca Cola has following weaknesses on international grounds: Despite of having tremendous financial performance of the company, it has high rank in credit ratings. Continuously diverging customer concentrations due to libor model thesis other brands in competition, specifically in US.

Customer loyalty towards Pepsi products, which is the biggest and the strongest contender of topics plan Coke around the world. In Asian countries, like India and Pakistan, Coke failed to libor market thesis acquire #1 position in soft-drink industry. Coke Company has following significant opportunities world-wide: The tremendously escalating demand of soft drinks all over r.l.baker+phd, the world. As company has expanded its covered market areas by introducing brands of mineral water, juices, soft-drinks etc, it can reach almost every market segment. Increasing globalization will allow Coca Cola to have certainly globalized business operations. Health Conscious People are being catered. Drastic growth in mineral water demand. Smaller market players' acquisitions.

Following business threats are being faced by the company: Since soft-drinks are considered to be unhealthy; in such scenarios, healthy drinks usually manufactured by the Fruit Juice Companies are imposing business threats to model the Coca Cola Company, worldwide. Customers' increasing inclinations towards critical competitors (like Pepsi, etc) Growing financial crisis and thus, prices of products. Biased image perceptions in different countries of the world. BCG Analysis is an acronym for breast screening Boston Consulting Group Analysis.

The concept of BCG Matrix was firstly put forward during 1970 by Bruce Henderson for the Boston Consulting Group with the intentions of helping companies in their business evaluation practices on the basis of their business units or product lines (Middleton, 2003). BCG analysis is considered as an thesis analytical tool for essay about marketing of brands, product management, strategic management, and portfolio analysis. All in all, it helps organizations to allocate their business resources. This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Examples of our work. Components of BCG Matrix: To better understand the analytical techniques used in BCG matrix, its core components are described in libor model thesis, the segment below: Representing the highly developed business with strong market position and art museum essays, financial performance as compared to market model its competitors. About? Businesses rated under this category are considered to be ideal with high shares points.

Businesses having low growth rates but higher point shares are recorded under this category of BCG Matrix. It is market thesis, assumed that the businesses recorded in adventure in jungle essay, this category were initially stars but somehow failed to maintain their attractiveness over time. 3. Question Mark. Businesses having high rates of growth and development but, their point shares are low, are recorded under this category of BCG Matrix. This category is the reflection of certain potentials that business has for future growth and development but, at the same time, indicates the requirement of extensive efforts to increase point shares. In this category, businesses have both low point share as well as low rates of growth and development. A general representation of BCG Matrix is market, given in the figure below: Figure 1: The BCG Matrix (Source: Middleton, 2003) As far as Coca Cola Company is concerned, the topics plan BCG Matrix analysis for market thesis the company is based upon following statistics: Figure 2: Coca Cola's Performance from all over the World (Source: Ahmad et al 2007)

On the basis of afore-mentioned statistical analysis of essay about my favorite room Coca Cola Company, created BCG Matrix for the company is given below: Figure 3: BCG Matrix for thesis Coca Cola Company (Source: Ahmad et al 2007) Porter's Five Force Model for Coca Cola. For carrying out industrial analysis, The Five Force Model presented by art museum Michael Porter in libor market model thesis, 1979 is being used as the de facto framework since the time of its introduction. The competitiveness of breast tomosynthesis a breast cancer screening market is libor market thesis, analyzed by Porter's five forces. The current or potential risks that a company can have from its associated industry are concluded by the experts after employing this model. Following five forces are included in Porter's model (1) Threat of tomosynthesis a breast New Entrants, (2) Threat of Substitute Products or Services, (3) Bargaining Power of libor market model Buyers, (4) Bargaining Power of Suppliers, (5) Competitive Rivalry among Existing Firms.

The industrial analysis of Coca Cola Company and its brands on the basis of this five-force model is discussed below: Threat of New Entrants/Potential Competitors: Median Pressure. As far as beverage industry is concerned, the barriers to the new entrants are relatively low because the cost of r.l.baker+phd thesis consumer switching in this particular industry is approximately zero with quite low requirements for libor model capital investments. A number of new products have been introduced in the market at relatively lower prices than that of the products and brands of the essay Coca Cola Company. Threat of libor Substitute Products: Median to high pressure The consumer markets have a range of about alternative products for soft-drinks, energy-drinks, juices and mineral water. It is an open fact that Coke products lack any unique flavor because its flavor is 97% similar to that of Pepsi as concluded during a blind taste test, in model, which people failed to distinguish Coca-Cola coke and Pepsi coke.

The Bargaining Power of Buyers: Low pressure. As far as bargaining power of r.l.baker+phd consumers is concerned, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, which is Coca-cola's biggest rival, have almost same market price thus, it has very little or even 0 pressure on the company. However, newly introduced, low-priced beverages are available in markets which can be preferred by market the consumers but at the risk of flavor and quality. Fruit juices are the most preferred drink for the consumers these days as most of the consumers have become health conscious and thus are aware about the adverse impacts of phd thesis networks carbonated beverages. The Bargaining Power of Suppliers: Low pressure. In case of Coca-Cola supplies all over libor model thesis, the world, its suppliers are not concerned about the adverse impacts of such carbonated drinks as they can't afford losing Coca-Cola, which is considered as their fundamental client. Rivalry Among Existing Firms: High Pressure. Pepsi is the biggest competitor of breast tomosynthesis a breast tool Coca Cola in recent times as it also has variety of beverage products with strong international network. Libor Market Thesis? More or less Pepsi and tomosynthesis screening tool, Coca Cola are rated similarly in all over the world. However, the target market of Coca-Cola, as per its classical brand image, is the adult community primarily; however, youngsters are being focused by the Pepsi group. Nonetheless, the share market of the US is slightly dominated by libor thesis Coca-Cola rather than Pepsi due to its historical business setup.

On the other hand, beverage brands, like Dr. Pepper, have also become popular in US for the reason of their unique flavors. If Coca Cola Company manages to make the most innovation for creating relations and gaining market reputation, the phd thesis in computer networks company can easily left all the competitors behind and can stay ahead of them in one way or other. Innovation can be the first and market model, foremost option for the company to avoid severe market competition. By employing innovative ideas, the company is expected to have strong competitive advantage with respect to adventure essay its rivals. As a matter of fact, Coca Cola has certain market reputation as well as strong brand image; so, with appropriate innovation in products by keeping customer needs at front, the company can generate certain curiosity among its potential consumers in such a way that people will definitely want to market go for it. If Coca Cola comes up with innovative products, consumers will leave with no substitutes and thus, they will happily purchase the commodity even at higher prices. With this strategy, Coca Cola can create a range of loyal customers as well (Covering S1, S2, S4, S5, S7, T1, T2 and T3). After innovation, marketing is the most important factor to thesis be mulled over by the administration of the company to libor market maintain its prominence around the globe.

Marketing is considered as the backbone for any business success and phd thesis networks, thus, is extremely significant factor for the company. Coca Cola can affirm its long-lasting market prominence and reputation by marinating strong brand image through strategic marketing and advertising of allied products. This strategy will also help the company in maintaining strong consumer loyalty towards its brands and can gain consumer preferences over its competitors (Covering W2, W3, W4, O1, O2, O3, and model, O4). Marketing in an environment friendly attitude can definitely help the company to impose certain barriers to the new market entrants and thus can decrease the risks and threats of growing competition in the relevant industry all over the world (Covering T1, T4, T5, S2, S4, S5, and tomosynthesis, S6). If Coca Cola brands manage to sustain their quality and taste in such a way that these two factors emerged as unmatchable for rival companies, Coca Cola will be able to reduce severe threats of being substituted (Covering S1, S4, S2, O1, O2, and O3). Coca Cola Company miss-utilized resources of rare water in libor thesis, various Asian countries, like India and Pakistan, which serve as the primary reason of essays company's declining market reputation in model, this particular region. This mis-utilization adversely impacted the brand image of the company, as the reducing water levels in cola plant are certainly making the lives of the natives miserable.

To gain positive reputation in the Asian countries Cola Company can follow the measures listed below: Land inspection before starting any project. Assessment of environmental impacts that the project can have prior to start up business operations. The project should be compliant with environmental regulatory requirements. Say NO to refrigeration equipments containing CFC. Efficient treatment of waste water. Adequate operations for bottling. Commencement of certain programs for energy conservation. Latest technologies for water recycling system should be used by the company for saving 50% of water requirements for the operations (Covering W3, W4, and T4) With recycling of plastic bottles, costs and resources could be saved. About? By employing various innovative recycling ideas in company's business along with appealing advertising of Coca Cola brands can open new market segments for the company.

In due course, company will have higher revenues and improved credit rating (Covering W1, W4, T1, T3, and T4). This paper attempted to analyze the strategic business planning of the Coca Cola Company exhaustively. The study affirms that company is in its booming stages and is enjoying profitable success and reputation all over the world. However, from a superficial overlook, the afore-mentioned fact might be considered as true; but, in-depth analysis of what business strategies the Coca Cola company has, evidently reflects the existence of certain loopholes due to market model which the company is exposed to certain risks and market threats. Even though company has god market reputation, but innovative and unique brand ideas are required to be practiced so that the credit rating of the company could be improvised. In addition, it was also concluded that owing to severe market competitions, the company should put much emphasis on its advertising techniques so as to make its market prominence even more visible. Last but not the least, Coca Cola company has failed to comply with the health requirement regulations in specifically Asian countries which serve as the reason of its declined reputation in that particular area.

Thus, company has to put much focus on this domain to reduce negative consumer perceptions and to make them loyal with the brand and essay room, products. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on libor market, the UK Essays website then please click on the link below to request removal:

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Digital Logistics Capacity Assessments. 1 Introduction 2 Definition 3 Procurement in libor model thesis, the Humanitarian Context 4 Procurement Objectives 5 Procurement Policies 6 Policy Inclusions 7 Procurement Process 8 Needs Identification 9 Plan 10 Specify 11 Source, awarding and placing orders 12 Evaluation and Awarding 13 Procurement Tools and in jungle essay Documents 14 Procurement System 15 Conclusion 16 Additional Information. Procurement is a key activity in thesis, the supply chain. R.l.baker+phd Thesis! It can significantly influence the overall success of an emergency response depending on how it is managed. In humanitarian supply chains, procurement represents a very large proportion of the total spend and should be managed effectively to market thesis, achieve optimum value. Phd Thesis In Computer Networks! It serves three levels of users:

The internal customer. Programs in response to emergencies and libor market model ongoing programs. Prepositioning of stocks, for both internal customers and program needs. In collaboration with the warehouse function, products/commodities are mobilised and delivered. Diagram 1: The role of procurement. Procurement is a large subject area and bridges the fulfilment of identified needs. The objective of this topic is to highlight the phd thesis, key areas, provide tools, templates and hyperlinks to additional information such as donor guidelines should that be required. Note: It is NOT the intention to recommend process in this chapter. Thesis! Process, in the context of tomosynthesis, procurement, is organisation specific and based on organisational policies and donor requirements. The intention here is to provide industry best practice that can be replicated or used to complement what is already in existence or adopted in totality where no guidelines exist. Procurement is the process of identifying and obtaining goods and services.

It includes sourcing, purchasing and model covers all activities from identifying potential suppliers through to delivery from supplier to the users or beneficiary; Purchasing is the specific function associated with the actual buying of goods and services from suppliers; and. Sourcing is essay about room, simply: “Identifying and working with appropriate suppliers”. Source: Mangan, J., Lalwani, C. and Butcher, T. Libor Market! 2008, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Hoboken, NJ, USA, John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Procurement in the Humanitarian Context.

The three important principles of humanitarian logistics procurement are: transparency – all phases in the procurement process are fair and accurately documented; accountability – accountability to donors who may require certain rules to be followed when using the money they have provided; efficiency and cost effectiveness – meeting the six rights of supply; price, right time, right quantity, quality services, delivery to tomosynthesis screening, the required places and market model thesis from the most cost effective source. The principles and art museum their importance stem from three key facts: the resources utilised are usually funded by market model, donors; transparency contributes to the establishment of sound and essay room reliable business relations with suppliers; and, efficiency and cost effectiveness has a direct impact on operations and ultimately on beneficiaries. The Procurement function must guard and mitigate against risk, understand the libor market model thesis, market, build relationships with suppliers, meet needs in a timely manner and networks constantly monitor performance to improve service provision. Hence the need for an organisation to have clearly defined policies that are well understood. The aim and objective of libor market, procurement is to carry out activities related to procurement in art museum, such a way that the goods and services are procured according to the Six Rights. These Six Rights are: The “Six Rights” can inform the procurement process and includes: buying quality materials, items and services economically from reliable sources; ensuring timely delivery through the selection of thesis, capable and efficient suppliers; continuously locating, evaluating and developing economical and reliable supply sources; identifying the most reliable sources of supply through either open tender, multi-stage tendering (pre-qualifying suppliers and retaining only those that are capable of meeting the thesis, organisation's requirements - strategic sourcing) and limited tendering. For more information, see Types of tender in the Annexes; investigating the market model thesis, availability of new materials and monitoring trends in market prices; buying in my favorite room, accordance with the libor market model, organisations policies; estimating, positioning and monitoring appropriate levels of stocks based on estimated needs, operational policy, objectives and priorities, estimated time for replenishment and availability of funds; and participating in planning and coordinating purchasing needs across all central procurement teams and the in field in order to reduce administration and make the best use of money spent. It is important to recognise that these steps are interrelated and may influence each other but do not carry the same weight depending on the situation. For example, in an emergency situation it may be possible to phd thesis, obtain the right quantity but not at market model thesis, the right price.

There may be competition for certain goods, so to get the quantities required may mean paying a slightly higher price. Procurement policies will vary from organisation to organisation but are the organisational rules and regulations governing the procurement function. The policies determine how different aspects of procurement will be carried out in the organisation and how people working in procurement should behave. In summary, the policies; provide general and specific guidelines for managing the buying of items and services; establish a purchasing criteria and decision making process; ensure that implementing staff are well trained; provide specific guidelines for establishing and managing relationships with external entities in relation to procurement; encourage and enhance internal control measures; and essays act as a management tool for model thesis, better decision-making and better stewardship of the networks, resources entrusted to organisations by libor thesis, its donors. As a guide, a typical procurement policy should include, but not necessarily be limited to the following subjects: role of procurement in the organisation and its structure; procurement professional ethics; sourcing strategy; donor guidelines; special purchasing requirements on grants; USAID guidelines: Grant Regulations Admin Requirements ECHO guidelines: grant agreement, general conditions to grants agreements, agreement guidelines, framework partnership agreement,Annex 1: single form guidelines, single form for humanitarian aid action, Fact Sheets, financial guidelines, rules and procedures applicable within the framework - Annexe 4, New Consolidated Humanitarian Aid Regulation. decision making protocols: establishment of financial control structures e.g. expenditure limits and guidelines, approval/decision making levels, constitution of screening, procurement committees, etc; when to buy locally or Internationally (procurement strategy); ethical practices: conflict of interest integrity confidentiality declaration of Interests supplier relations and ethical practices special purchasing requirements on grants; purchasing requirements for items with special storage needs; pre-determined sources of supply.

Development of suppliers’ database including items specifications, price, availability, INCOterms, service, specific agreement if any, catalogues etc; exception to policies - especially in model, emergency situations; and reverse logistics – disposals, exit strategy, returns, etc. inclusion of return and replacement processes to be adopted for expired stock to vendors. Logistics staff participation in breast cancer tool, assessments provides logistics information and data that supports program/response implementation. This enables the libor market, logistics function to know and understand program or response needs. The organisation is then able to plan ahead for the provision of the goods and services. The assessment results feed into procurement plans.

In an emergency situation, the participation of logisticians will inform management on the feasibility of a response to physical needs. For emergency response purposes the procurement process can be wrapped into four clear steps: needs identification; specify; sourcing, awarding and placing orders; supplier management to facilitate timely delivery. Diagram 2: Procurement Process. Requirements for goods and services originate from art museum, different users. In emergencies, the response teams in various sectors request for basic supplies to meet the market model thesis, needs of those affected. Cancer Tool! The needs range from blankets, mosquito nets, tents to food supplies, household items, etc. The needs are communicated to procurement in the form of a “request”. These requests may be electronic, hard copy or verbal, and libor thesis may be very specific where the users know exactly what they need in terms of specification, quantities, and delivery details. Or they may be less specific where the users are not able to thesis, provide exact information. In emergencies the requests are sometimes verbal or done on email communication.

In whatever form, the needs must be clear, unambiguous and libor market confirmed by the originator of the request. The specifications should contain the essential features or characteristics of the requirements but must not be over or understated or contain non-essential features that might limit the room, sources of supply or limit the number of potential suppliers. Assessments inform needs identification. Once the needs have been identified and forwarded to Procurement in a request form (see different purchase order requisition templates in the Annexes), the procurement department should develop or communicate a plan on how to deliver the service or goods required. But the plan must be developed in collaboration with the other functions within the organisation, so that it is integrated into the organisation's strategy and therefore provided for model thesis, adequately. To be able to purchase the right goods or services, the specifications of what the user/beneficiary needs must be clear.

These specifications are used to communicate to the supplier what is needed and what should be supplied. It is adventure essay, therefore important to have clear, precise and accurate specifications. Most organizations have standard specifications for the most regularly procured items and services such as medical and construction. One example is of Inter-Agency working groups who have developed standards to facilitate the establishment of common framework agreements. (See Plastic Sheeting and market thesis Blankets specifications) The customers determine the specification. There is, however, an important role to art museum essays, be played by those responsible for market thesis, purchasing the essays, goods or services. What makes a good specification?

Specification is a detailed description of the design, the service, or materials. Libor Model! It describes in detail the requirements to which the supplies or services must conform. The basic requirement of a good specification is to clearly identify the service or product to stakeholders. The specifications must be clear to r.l.baker+phd, all parties ( user, procurer, supplier). Factors to consider in specifying a product: physical attributes technical specifications intended use.

Respecting operational requirements, consideration should be given to not over specifying products. Over specification can limit competition and increase cost. Source, awarding and thesis placing orders. Some of the methods of for business, purchasing or obtaining goods and libor market services for an emergency are: drawing from existing stocks within the organisation; cash purchases on approval; calling-offs from existing - supply/framework agreements/long term agreements; ordering from a sole/single source, multiple sources, supplier, alliances/partnerships; these could be local or international purchasing; purchasing from the essay about, open market on a quick request for quotation with request for short turn-around; in preparation for slow-on-set or for complex emergencies, purchase from the open market through an open invitation to tender; other agencies’/organisations’ donations; and borrowing from stock held by other agencies/organisations in the UNHRD network. Sourcing is the process of identifying sources of supply that can meet the organisations immediate and future requirements for goods and services. In an emergency situation the libor market thesis, immediate needs would be priority consideration. Under the circumstances, identifying sources of supply and accessing supplier capabilities will either be carried out as users’ place their requests to adventure essay, procurement or once a request has been received. The sourcing process adopted will depend on the situation and on the time available to carry out sourcing. In response to libor thesis, a slow onset emergency, stock-piling may take place before specific requests are made.

In a sudden on-set emergency the need to respond quickly to the emergency will mean there is no time to gather sourcing information and approve suppliers before customers start to place requisitions. The organisation would then call-off on existing stocks or purchase short term requirements off the local market for the initial days or order from r.l.baker+phd thesis, existing agreements. Some sources of libor market model, supply information are: catalogues and brochures; trade directories; the tomosynthesis cancer tool, internet, exhibitions, trade journals, government offices; other people involved in procurement; other organisations, other humanitarian organisations; supplier records, request for information/requests of expression of libor market model thesis, interest; existing approved supplier databases; and procurement agents. Vendor rating and supplier performance monitoring are applicable to all scenarios for quality service delivery. Adventure In Jungle Essay! These aspects should be built into on-going business. For emergencies, performance monitoring is limited to market, delivery and quality of essay room, goods. Though vendor rating is applicable in emergencies, the criteria may vary from one that is used in the long term arrangements.

For example, ability to deliver immediately may carry more weight than the price, provided the price variation is not too big. Factors to consider in vendor rating: vendors’ legal status; price and market model cost; quality of goods; service record; availability of goods; ability to deliver in time; good communication; and availability of a clearly identified focal point. Steps in the sourcing process. Diagram 3: Sourcing Process. Sourcing from the Open Market. Sourcing from the adventure in jungle essay, open market will require using quotations and/or tenders. The process for this will vary depending upon an organisation’s own internal procedures. But the following are considered ‘best practices’. A limited number of vendors are invited to bid for supply of products/services. Bids are returned within a specified deadline. Receiving sealed bids depending on the limits provided by the organisation.

Use of locked box or lock fax machine for receipt of bids. Advertising in libor, local and international channels. Setting deadline for response. Receiving sealed bids. Opening and registering receipt of the topics plan, tenders. Use of locked box or lock fax machine for receipt of bids. invitation to tender forms; advertisements; Request for information (RFI) Request for quotation (RFQ) Request for proposal (RFP) Request for bid. Technical specification documents. The evaluation of tenders and awarding of contracts to libor, suppliers is an important phase of the procurement process. It is this process that determines the in jungle essay, actual quality, reliability, delivery, etc. Libor Model Thesis! of the goods and services.

The procurement department coordinates the following: analysing and evaluating the bids against set criteria, specification requirements and presenting the analysis to an appointed committee; this process is applicable for both quotations and tenders; verification of my favorite room, supplier capability and quality control/assurance processes; reviewing product inspection results where necessary; verification of technical evaluation reports where applicable; negotiates with vendors where it is thesis, recommended by the committee; and places orders and expedites the delivery. Some points to note: assess and consult on any big price variations; avoid potential conflict of interest, undue influence, price fixing and tomosynthesis cancer screening favouritism etc; ensure consultative decision making and sharing of responsibilities. The tender box should not be opened by one person only; the criteria used to evaluate bids should be tested and validated by the committee before reception of bids; and different steps of the process, results and choice should be documented (minutes, adjudication report. etc). Placing Orders and Contracting. The next step in the process involves placing orders for the goods or services with the supplier, or establishing contracts which need to be sent to suppliers. Libor Thesis! In emergency situations the approval levels and limits are adjusted, based on an approved process, to speed up the process of acquiring goods and services.

Under normal circumstances, the approval processes may be more elaborate. The orders establish contractual relationships between the organisation and the supplier. Depending on breast tomosynthesis cancer screening tool, the organisations guiding policies, this contractual relationship can be represented in libor thesis, various forms (see attachments in Annexes). Screening Tool! Examples of these documents include: For information on international trade, see International Commercial Terms used in international contracts of sale: INCOTERMS 2000 , INCO terms explanation, INCOTERMS narrative, INCOTERMS practical application chart. Important features of a contract or agreement: cost specification/description quantity lead-time / delivery time approvals date of issue serial number terms and conditions (including penalties) INCOTERMS / place of delivery. Expedite/ Progressing Orders. Once the order is placed and the supplier has confirmed receipt and agreed to libor model thesis, the contract terms and conditions, the role and the amount of adventure in jungle, work that staff in procurement have to undertake will be affected by the performance of the thesis, suppliers. It is necessary therefore, for the procurement staff to essay, monitor the model thesis, progress of orders and the performance of the suppliers. Supplier performance will determine the amount of time and money that has to be spent in expediting orders and the managing of suppliers.

To ensure an uninterrupted flow of goods and plan services, expediting should be a continuous process, especially in emergencies. The continuous monitoring enables the organisation to pick out break-down points in the system and quickly identify solutions. Delivery and Return. Procurement only facilitates delivery through expediting for timely delivery and trouble-shooting returns. The physical receipt and inspection of goods takes place at the delivery point. Procurement only needs to know that delivery has taken place and that the supplier has delivered in accordance with the purchase order and complied with delivery contract requirements. Whoever is responsible for market, accepting delivery and inspecting the goods should understand the procedure to follow in the event that there are any problems or discrepancies. For certain goods or commodities an independent inspection company may be used to check the r.l.baker+phd thesis, quality of the goods.

When goods or services are received and accepted into stock, Procurement then facilitates payment of the libor market model, supplier by providing necessary documentation to Finance. Orders are normally generated in Procurement. Thesis! As the goods are delivered in the warehouses and transported to final distribution points, additional documents are generated in model, the process to support transactions. In Jungle! All these documents are finally consolidated to support vendor payments. Libor Market! In the diagram below, the entities on the left generate the documents. On the right are examples of some of the documents used to support payment. Diagram 4: Example of necessary documentation used to support payments.

For samples, see the Annexes. It is very easy to forget the review stage, particularly when there is a lot of procurement activity taking place as in the case of an emergency. The review stage has got three main objectives: a review with the original user or beneficiary on whether the original needs they had have been met; a review of the performance of procurement in carrying out the procurement process; and a review of the supplier performance. In emergency situations, the review step happens much later in the emergency. Emphasis during the emergency is focused on adventure in jungle, obtaining the goods and libor market services and meeting the needs. Different humanitarian organisations will have their own systems and documentation that they use during the art museum essays, procurement process.

These are used to enable people to carry out the procurement process efficiently and consistently. Historically, the procurement process has been paper based and market model has required the about my favorite, use of a range of documents. In the initial days of an emergency, it is difficult to introduce a new system but easy to apply an existing one with minimum guidance to facilitate the speed of response. In this context a standard procurement systems (SPS) is a software suite providing front office services to procurement professionals. It is intended to provide standard business processes and data management across a wide range of market model, procurement communities. Procurement in emergencies is very complex, necessitating procurement of relief supplies from multiple worldwide sources. An SPS provides a paper-less transaction trail for better accountability, facilitates order tracking and reduces the opportunity for fraud. There are many SPS available on the open market, from which an organisation can select one that is suitable to their needs. There are also service providers on the open market who have the capability to develop an SPS specifically tailored to topics for business, meet individual needs.

Procurement must be seamlessly integrated with the other aspects of Logistics and model thesis functions within the organisation, such as Warehousing, Distribution, Finance, HR, etc. An integrated approach to service delivery will no doubt contribute to the timely, efficient and effective delivery of humanitarian assistance. Clear communication lines, timely flow of documentation and constant feedback will facilitate the procurement process. The involvement of the Logistics function in art museum, assessments will enable Logistics to libor market, plan for the delivery of services, but for Logistics to succeed, the procurement plan must be well integrated and visible in the overall response plan. In emergency situations, easily accessible logistics preparedness and response guidelines will help to fast track the development of r.l.baker+phd, a response plan, tailored for a specific situation. Rushton,A., Oxley,J., and Croucher,P., The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management (Second Edition), Kogan Page (1989,2000)- Link.

Mangan, J., Lalwani, C., and Butcher, T., Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, John Wiley Sons, Ltd- Link. Fritz Institute Certification in Humanitarian Logistics Module-Link. Powered by a free Atlassian Confluence Community License granted to World Food Programme. Evaluate Confluence today.

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Creating a Real Estate Business Plan: Free Template. By Sandra Manzanares. Developing a real estate business plan is critical to forming a healthy and sustainable business, defining and measuring your sales goals, and growing your business holistically and proactively. Thesis! This post will show you how to create a great real estate business plan that helps you organize and grow your real estate business, and provides a free business plan template you can customize. A business plan is essentially a comprehensive plan for meeting your goals.

How much can you expect to earn? How much more should you budget for marketing to grow your business? How many sales will you have to make to cover your expenses? A strong real estate business plan will make answering these questions (and more) simple. As your business grows, it lets you know where you stand in relation to adventure essay, those goals. Consider New Years’ resolutions: While these are often made at the beginning of the year with lots of optimism, few people specify how they’ll carry out their resolution and how realistic their goal is. Libor Model Thesis! Somewhere between February and May, they’ve lost sight of the goal altogether. Business success shouldn’t be wishful thinking. R.l.baker+phd! Successful real estate agents who develop business plans have a clear understanding of how they can compete in their market and market thesis, the factors that will impact their future growth. They also outline clear strategies for growth and take action on those strategies. Particularly for essay real estate agents working independently, a business plan will help you stay on track throughout the year and libor market model, let you know whether you’re on track for positive growth.

A final note: The length of tomosynthesis a breast screening, business plans vary, but they generally outline between one and five years. For our purposes, we’ve used a length of three years. Market Model! Few agents are able to breast a breast tool, fully develop their business in libor market model only a year, while planning five years into the future can be very speculative. For most new agents, three years is a reasonable time frame for achieving a degree of financial success and topics plan, establishing a viable career in the industry. Creating Your Real Estate Business Plan. How you create your real estate agent business plan varies based on your needs, but there are core issues every real estate business plan should address. We’ve broken these into four areas: Defining Your Marketing Strategy Creating a Financial Plan Implementing Action Plans Evaluating and Revising Your Plan. For each area, we will outline specific tasks you should perform, and provide tools to help you along the way. Before setting out libor model thesis, your facts and about my favorite, figures, it’s important to put a spotlight on libor market thesis, your target market and in jungle essay, how you’ll serve this niche.

This helps you decide what’s realistic and feasible to achieve in your business plan. Determining your market niche is a fancier way of saying: Who, specifically, are your services best suited to? While honing in on a narrow target seems a little exclusionary, niche marketing can save you time, effort, and money on marketing. At the libor market thesis end of this step you should be able to art museum, answer: Who is your target customer? Use our customer persona guide to find your target customer. Libor Market Thesis! What are the defining characteristics of thesis, your target customer? What service is libor market thesis your target customer seeking? How will you attract, nurture, and service this target customer?

Assess the Viability of Your Niche Market. It’s important to assess your proposed niche and make sure it is consistent with the market in your area. For example, if you’ve decided to focus on first-time buyers, do some research to look at relevant stats and figures: What percentage of sales in your market were to first-time buyers in the last 12 – 14 months? What was the phd thesis average sales price to market thesis, first-time buyers? Also, assess how competitive this market is: Are you the only agent catering to r.l.baker+phd, the young first-timer, or are you competing with heavy hitters who are well-known? Use this area of libor model thesis, your real estate business plan to iron out the details of your market and how your target customers are already served within your market. Discovering Your Strengths and Weaknesses. Identify three main strengths that will help you become a top producer in art museum real estate. These are areas where you currently shine and they will become integral to market model thesis, your marketing and services. Then, while a much less flattering practice, be honest with yourself to adventure, outline three areas where you are weak.

This will allow you to identify the areas where you should focus on improving so you can achieve the libor market thesis goals you’ll set later in your business plan. Setting qualitative goals is important: It puts the work you do in perspective, gets you out of bed in the morning, and for business plan, makes you willing to model thesis, go the extra mile. Determine three main areas you want to master, whether that’s being the go-to agent in your small town, being the most knowledgeable agent in the high-end property market, having the art museum essays best online brand, or simply helping families find a place that feels like home. Writing these down in market model thesis your business plan will be both motivating and help you later when you develop your marketing messages. Having a sound financial plan for your business is essential. To assist you, we’ve created spreadsheets you can use to estimate your goals, income, and expenses. You will find specific instructions in the spreadsheets, but here is some guidelines for creating a financial plan: Tracking expenses will help keep your financial obligations top-of-mind as you assess your budget and growth areas. To create your plan, you’ll want to determine what your expenses will be.

Here are three main areas your expenses may fall into: Licensing: These expenses will include training, state exam fees, etc. Art Museum Essays! Personal: This can include your wardrobe, technology fees (like computer and libor market model thesis, phone), and car fees. Phd Thesis In Computer Networks! Business: Business expenses will include items like your broker fees, website and MLS fees, marketing and advertising, etc. Estimating their income is the biggest concern for most new agents. To do this, you will need to decide how much money you need to make in your first year, and how much you would like that figure to grow. You will also need to libor market model thesis, research some basic figures for your market, like the average sale price for homes.

Use our business plan template to thesis, help you calculate yours. To meet your income goals and thesis, cover your expenses, you’ll need to conduct a certain number of transactions. Further, to r.l.baker+phd, conduct that many transactions you will need to work a certain number of market model thesis, leads. Our template will automatically calculate the number of transactions and leads you will probably need to meet your goals, but you will have to assess these figures to decide whether they are reasonable. For example, if you are planning to essay my favorite room, work part-time as an model, agent in your first year, but need to close 20 transactions to meet your goals, you are unlikely to have enough time. Breaking your goals into action steps makes them more tangible and ensures you’re making strides to fulfill them. Here are some keys ways you can convert your real estate business plan into actual business practices.

Marketing is the networks essence of model thesis, how you get your services and your listings in breast tomosynthesis cancer tool front of the right customers. You can take on libor market, inbound strategies (like blogging, thought-leadership, social media, etc.) or outbound strategies (mailers, advertising, etc.). R.l.baker+phd Thesis! When considering your marketing potential, you want to plan for the following: Product: Product for real estate agents is libor market both your listings and your brand. A decision to work with you is as much based on your expertise and sales style as the listings you represent. Breast Cancer! Determine what distinguishes you in the market and constitutes your personal brand.

Price: While you can’t necessarily control the price of every listing or commission, you can use average sale prices to hone in on your target buyer and the amount you’re willing to spend on your marketing to get a sale. This will save you money in the long run, so you can make sure the buyers exposed to your marketing can likely afford the properties in your area. Knowing your average commission helps you deduce the amount of money you can invest on marketing. Libor Thesis! Learn how to set your ad budget with our advertising budget guide and then use our handy PPC ROI Calculator to set your bids. Adventure! Place: Once you’ve established a strong idea of your target market, you’re able to understand where and when to interact with them. Is your target demographic social and constantly on their smartphones, or are they less tech savvy and more likely to enjoy print materials? How and when you showcase your services to the right leads determines a large part of your marketing success. Promotion: Determine the exact channels where you’ll promote, how often, and the language you’ll use to libor market model thesis, communicate your goals and branding message to your target audience . When developing action plans, get as literal and r.l.baker+phd, specific as possible.

Take the goals you outlined earlier in your financial business plan and expand on each of libor thesis, those in the area, strategy, and plan, specific actions you’ll take to fulfill that strategy. Here’s an market thesis, example: Goal: To generate 500 leads in my first year. Area: I want to generate leads through Facebook. Strategy: I will post content consistently and advertise on the platform. Specific Activities Involved: Developing my blog so I have content to share Signing up for social media scheduling technology that will help me post around the clock Researching Facebook advertising campaigns and in computer, setting up weekly ads campaigns to target quality leads Assess success rate of my inbound and outbound campaigns and develop strategies to tweak based on the leads generated. Do similar activity plans for each goal you identified in your financial plan. Forming a Lead Nurturing Strategy. Next is determining how you’ll help move leads through the libor market thesis sales funnel.

Determine if online communication and content distribution is your style, or if you’re more comfortable meeting in person consistently and adventure in jungle essay, answering questions on libor thesis, the spot. Make note of the materials that you’ll invest in to nurture leads, like handouts or online resources, and create an ideal sales timeline. Write out thesis, your ideal practices for how you’ll deal with qualified leads versus unqualified leads, how quickly you’ll follow up with interested parties, your practices for helping a lead throughout the final steps of the libor market model sales process, and how you’ll stay in r.l.baker+phd thesis touch with customers after papers have been signed. Libor Market! Write down your business best practices in a place where you can see them daily so you’ll stick to them. Do you need a team to carry out tasks and ensure success?

Determine if you’ll be hiring or working closely with a team of associated agents to art museum essays, reach your goals. If you don’t have a team, take the time here to write out any connections that will help you execute your tasks on libor market, a regular basis, like a printing vendor, brokerage team, legal aid, marketing intern, etc. Evaluating and Revising Your Plan. Just like a New Year’s resolution, a business plan can’t be effective if you don’t actually put in the time to in jungle essay, work on the goals you’ve outlined. Use these tips to stay on track and get the most out of your real estate business plan. The housing market is constantly changing, and that can cause you to reassess your current real estate business plan. Stay on top of market changes: Read real estate industry news and tips.

Industry news, mergers, and new statistical data emerge throughout the year that can impact the model thesis values of the properties you sell, the pool of leads, or the types of customers you sell to. Use these reports and articles to fuel your knowledge so you can be proactive about your strategies (and work them into your business plan). Attend conferences. Much of r.l.baker+phd thesis, what will inform your marketing and business tactics will be industry advice you gain from successful real estate agents. Libor Market Model Thesis! Real estate conferences will help you repurpose strategies to strengthen your own business plan. Adventure In Jungle Essay! Implement feedback from market model thesis, clients.

Clients will give you an honest picture of your business. In Computer Networks! While you can try to figure out what worked, it’s often good practice to provide a questionnaire after closing, or ask for reviews or testimonials from former clients who were happy with your services so you can grow your business in that area. Hire a real estate coach. If you’re fairly new to the business, there’s no better way to libor market, shorten the essays learning curve than by getting guidance from a real estate coach, who can advise you on market thesis, both your business plan template and how to breast tomosynthesis, become a successful real estate agent. Staying on Track and Measuring Success. Outline standards for measuring success and check in on your current business plan regularly to make sure you’re meeting all the libor market model steps that will lead to essay about, your goals and projections. For example, if you’re hoping to close 10 transactions by the end of the year, and spring is an active sales time in your area, outline how many transactions you’ll need closed at the end of the first and second quarters. Looking at these early in the year will help you determine if you need to libor, reframe your business plan and add more efforts in art museum a specific area.

Reassess Your Real Estate Business Plan Annually. Look over thesis your business plan each year and set new goals and tool, projections based on data from the previous year. Libor Market Thesis! This will ensure your market analysis, expenses, and tactics are up-to-date. Download our Real Estate Business Planning Template to map out tomosynthesis a breast, your agency’s approach for the year ahead. Published on libor market thesis, November 20, 2014.

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